A space that is welcoming of fun, and a perfect escape from the mundane, introducing Express Two Storey’s new display home in Lakelands Private Estate, The Outlook! This home is a four bedroom, two bathroom two storey home design complete with a theater and private retreat -  perfect for the well-travelled family or for the wanderlust family who dreams of adventure.

Our favourite five:

  1. The wanderlust gallery wall of the Living Room. It creates the story of unique experiences & collected treasures.
  2. The floral wall-papered power room. It’s glam, vintage & cosy all at once.
  3. The industrial black pendant lights of the Kitchen. They are gregarious & unapologetic.
  4. The deep green velvet couch of the Home Theatre. It is luxury comfort.
  5. The four poster bed in the Master Bedroom. It denotes romance, mystery & escape from the outside world.


Feel & Design: Boho Luxe. Though finding a consistent feel in so many seemingly unrelated elements is more of a challenge than it would appear! Also, boho is usually synonymous with a much older, already-lived-in space. To create the feel of a backstory of something that’s completely new was the fun of it. Materials & colour palette: It’s gallery-white. This allowed free license for colours and textures, splashed onto fabrics, furniture and ornaments. Boho is counter-intuitive, in that it must feel more collected than planned. It can’t be uniform. It’s the feeling of having travelled and found many interesting things along the way – you will find these collected treasures in pieces like the silk Indian ottoman of of the master bedroom, the mandala bedspread of the girl’s room, the weathered, natural wood of the dining table. Elements & Space: The living room is a must see, and perhaps the space that works best in this home. The carved sideboard from Behind the Door Collective is as earthy and cosy as it is a detailed masterpiece unto itself. The coffee table that was once a door is quirky and inviting of fun & new ideas. The room is so naturally well-lit that every piece within it sits unobtrusively. The opulent black & white rug is delicately designed so that the room as a whole is calming and delightful despite its many decorative participants. Come and say hello to Dave this weekend, he would be delightful to walk you through an interesting home filled with collected treasures! Location: 12 Gooljak Rise, Lakelands Opening Times: Monday – Wednesday 2-5pm / Saturday – Sunday 1-5pm Want to learn more? To learn more about The Outlook, get in touch with Dave on 0402 419 131 or click here!
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