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Buying your first home – Questions Answered. (It’s easier than you think)
Tired of living with Mum and Dad? Can’t stand living in a shared house with people who don’t clean? Are you sick of paying off someone else’s mortgage? Hate rent inspections? Or just want a place of your own? Whatever the reason, it’s time to start thinking of getting your own home. Don’t worry, it’s actually much easier than you think! Let’s look at the Top 5 reasons to buy rather than rent: • Renting is dead money. • Perth’s average rent is around $400 per week ($20k per year or $100k over 5 years!), that equates to borrowing around $320,000. • Interest rates are at a record low • The Perth Market is anticipating an upward trend (Kerry Stokes is on record as saying “Now’s the time to buy a house in WA”) • You can take advantage of government initiatives including the First Home Owners Grant (FHOG) Financing your first home can be easy with a total outlay of as little as $3,500. Still, many people choose to rent because they don’t know how easy first home ownership can be.     Do you work part time? Are you Self-employed? Do you do overtime? How much savings do you have? The reason I ask is because from my 15 years in the industry, I have never seen 2 clients have the same situation - everyone is different and there are so many options. It’s just a matter of finding the right solution for you.     To help you make a start, together with our finance partners at V Homeloans*, I have put together a list of the top 5 questions I get asked about getting into your first home:   1) Do I have a deposit? How much deposit do I need? V Homeloans General Manager, Paul Bradley says that low deposit lenders usually require a minimum of 5% genuine savings as a deposit to purchase your first home. Savings are considered “genuine”, when you have the 5% deposit amount in your bank account for a period of time (usually about three months). This is a way to prove to your lender that you’re able to save! The good news is, we know that many of our clients are not always able to demonstrate genuine savings, or have the full 5% saved. That’s why V homeloans have access to an extensive panel of lenders, with access to a variety of different products that may allow you to get into your new home without genuine savings, or with less than the full 5% deposit if you are renting. Different banks have different policies so make sure you ASK FIRST!   2) What if I don’t have any or very little savings? In Perth we are extremely fortunate to have a State Government based financial institution called Keystart. First Home Buyers only require a 2% deposit, of which only 1% needs to be genuinely saved. A $350,000 House & Land Package = $3,500 savings (yep, that’s it!). We can also help with savings plans – just ask!   3) How much can I borrow? Again – everyone’s circumstance is different. To accurately determine how much you can borrow, I suggest speaking to one of our expert V Homeloans mortgage brokers who can give you a borrowing capacity based on your own personal situation. Different banks have different policies (e.g. the percentage of overtime they include) which can make a huge difference. If you’d like to learn more, I’d be happy to set up an appointment, or check out our loan calculator to find out how much you can borrow to build you home. Knowing how much you can borrow is important to also give you an idea of home loan repayments. There is also lots of other helpful information on the building and finance journey to help get you started.   4) What will my repayments be? This will depend on a few different factors; 1) Your borrowing amount 2) Interest rate 3) Loan term (a shorter loan term borrowing the same amount = higher payments) I’ve put together a rough guide on repayments below. What do you think you could afford? *These repayments are based on 4.5% over 30 years (some bank options have introductory rates starting from under 4%!)  
Borrowing Amount Repayments per week
$300,000 $351
$325,000 $380
$350,000 $409
$375,000 $439
$400,000 $467
$425,000 $497
$450,000 $526
$475,000 $555
$500,000 $585
  5) Do I have to make repayments during construction? House & Land Packages happen in stages, so payments are made to the bank in what the industry calls ‘progress claims’. The full Principal & Interest payments do not start until you get the keys. However, during construction you are responsible for making the interest payment on the amount of money that has been drawn down on the mortgage. Different banks have different rules, but some allow you to make extra payments during construction if you wish – all you have to do is ask! Keystart only require a minimum of $50 per week from settlement of the land until key handover – that’s it!   [caption id="attachment_24948" align="alignnone" width="600"] Brownstones Range [/caption]   WANT TO LEARN MORE? BUYING YOUR FIRST HOME CAN BE MADE EASY! Get in touch with us today!   *V Homeloans - Corporate Credit Representative Number 495067 is authorised under Australian Credit Licence Number 389328. Lender credit criteria, terms and conditions, fees and charges apply. Your full financial situation would need to be reviewed prior to acceptance of any offer or product.
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Interior Design Trends: What’s hot for 2018

If your house is in need of a refresh this year, make sure you keep reading to find out the interior trends to follow in 2018!



The obsession with millennial pink continues this year along with the introduction of gentle, pastel colours mixed in with earthy colours such as mint greens combined with jades and sages. [caption id="attachment_24792" align="alignnone" width="600"] Pretty in Pink - The Avalon in Baldivis.[/caption]


Expect to see the use of linen on furniture and bedding as well as luxurious and rich velvet tones on furniture as well. Velvet tones will pair perfectly with pastel colours! [caption id="attachment_24800" align="alignnone" width="600"] The Outlook Display Home - styled with a rich emerald velvet couch.[/caption]


The use of Brass will replace copper, which will bring fixtures to life with its warm colour and finish. [caption id="attachment_24802" align="alignnone" width="450"] Brass used in the light fixtures in the Waterside Display Home.[/caption]


Oversize, dramatic wallpapers are making a comeback. Florals and geometric designs are hot picks, however may not necessarily be the right style for your home design so choose carefully with these statement pieces. [caption id="attachment_24806" align="alignnone" width="600"] An oversized wallpaper used to decorate the master bedroom in the Intrigue Display Home.[/caption]


Dark wood is making its way onto the floors, walls, and furniture for 2018. Rosewood and Walnut are predicted to be the favourites. [caption id="attachment_24808" align="alignnone" width="600"] The Waterside Display Home features dark wood on the floors and kitchen cabinets.[/caption]


Large statement pieces of art and lots of greenery and pot plants are must haves when decorating your home this year. A simple and quick way to transform a blank wall or add some life to your home. [caption id="attachment_24810" align="alignnone" width="600"] Hanging pot plants as seen in the Outlook Display Home.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_24811" align="alignnone" width="600"] A statement piece of artwork used to decorate the Waterside Display Home.[/caption]


The number one homeware piece to own this year is a drink cart. Perfect for entertaining as well as showing off interesting cocktail and other glassware. There you have it, our picks for 2018. If you’d like to find your design inspo, Display Homes are a great place to start. Wander through, be inspired by the latest design trends, practical floorplans and innovative interiors. To browse more of our beautiful homes designs, view the full list of homes and locations here, or if you have any questions on any of our homes, get in touch with us today.
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A popular new year’s resolution is to declutter and organise the home. We all know what an overwhelming task that can be so to ensure you welcome the year with a calm and welcoming home, make sure you follow your tips on how to banish the clutter in 2018! Start with a strategy: You are likely to feel overwhelmed very quickly if you just start cleaning aimlessly. Make a plan on how you plan to tackle each room and give yourself a time frame so the process doesn’t drag on forever. *HINT - Start with the large visible cleaning first, the stuff that's be lying there bugging you for ages! :) For the entryway or hallway [caption id="attachment_24710" align="alignnone" width="300"] The Pandora - 33 Painted Parkway, Alkimos Beach.[/caption]
  • Try to keep this area as minimal as possible.
  • All you really need is a console table or storage, a mirror and a few decorative items if you wish. *HINT, mirrors can help spaces feel larger!
  • Depending on the size of the area and or how minimal you want to keep it, other functional items to add include some seating, hooks or a shoe rack.
  • Make sure you clean the area regularly and keep the items to one side of the area only!
For the Kitchen           [caption id="attachment_24722" align="alignnone" width="300"] The Panorama - 21 Helios Street, Eglinton.[/caption]
  • Clear the benchtop of anything that doesn’t belong there and make sure only items used daily are placed there.
  • Get rid of any utensils you have excess of, expired food items and appliances you have no use for.
  • Purchase drawer divides, canisters and clear containers and label everything!
  • As a general rule, make sure everything has a home, items are categorised and the countertop is basically clear.
For the Bedroom [caption id="attachment_24727" align="alignnone" width="300"] The Avalon - 38 Key Avenue, Baldivis.[/caption]
  • Begin with clearing all surfaces, put away items piling up on your bedside table, clothes that can be hung up or in the wash and a crowded chest of drawers.
  • Approach your closet with the rule of: ‘If it hasn’t been worn in the past year or two, give it away’. Then you can organise the clothes you’re keeping into the appropriate category.
  • If you have any furniture items that are being used as a dumping ground rather than its purpose, it might be time to get rid of it if you don’t intend to clean it regularly.
For the Bathroom [caption id="attachment_24714" align="alignnone" width="300"] The Latitude - 14 Turquoise Chase St, Dayton. [/caption]
  • The vanity should only contain items you use daily and try to keep the items in one place or in a canister or bowl.
  • Throw away expired products and items that have been used in the last few months.
  • Organise your items into storage containers or baskets.
  • Use a shower caddy to try and get all your items in one place.
For the Living Room [caption id="attachment_24725" align="alignnone" width="300"] The Pandora - 33 Painted Parkway, Alkimos Beach.[/caption]
  • Make sure your living room isn’t over crowded by furniture. A right size couch, TV console, side tables and a lamp should cover it.
  • Create permanent storage solutions or spaces for regularly used items such as remote controls or books.
  • Tidy and de-clutter this space regularly. Make sure items are put away, surfaces are clear, and that cushions and blankets and are in the right spot.
These are some tips to get you started on all the general rooms, just remember when tackling the rest of your house:  Keep surfaces to the bare minimum! - Less is more!
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Well, it’s the start of another year, and a perfect time to de-clutter and organise yourself and your home to make it a clean and fresh start to 2018! It’s always good to be accountable for your goals, we recommend writing them down and ticking them off as you complete them! Otherwise they might just slip back under the radar for yet another year. Here is a list of some easy tips to help get you started on track for a successful and organised start to a fresh year! They will help save you money, and improve your lifestyle. GET ORGANISED  It’s always good to start the New Year fresh and get rid of all that clutter! Start by tackling a different room each day and a make plan on how you’re going to approach each room. Storage containers and labels will help you go a long way. You’ll be amazed how good you feel when your home is in order. EVERY CENT COUNTS! Steps to take can be unplugging appliances when not in use, (like the toaster or kettle) use energy efficient light bulbs, and turning off heaters and coolers when you don’t need them. This is a great way to save money whilst at the same time reducing your carbon footprint. ENTERTAIN MORE  Entertaining more at home allows for more quality time spent with family and friends, saves you a bit of money by staying home instead of going out for catch ups and gives you that extra dose of motivation to keep your home clean knowing you’re having people over! Endless benefits! CREATE A WEEKLY HOUSECLEANING SCHEDULE  If you started this year by decluttering and getting your home organised, make a plan to ensure it stays that way! Divide your workload into manageable portions and when making the plan, focus on what type of cleaning you want to complete. We found a great article to help you speed-clean your home here! HEALTHY KITCHEN  I’m sure after the Christmas blowouts many of us have made the vow to actually start eating healthy. Healthy eating starts in the kitchen, so a good tip would be to start organising your pantry and fridge by clearing out all the junk food and purchase some cookbooks to make the process easier.Meal planning and preparation is a must! Do a weekly shop so then you are set for the full week. (This helps with those impulse-chocolate purchasers at the register!) You can plan your meals in advance or do large cook-ups on the weekends and freeze other portions for during the week. Meal preparation does not have to be a slow and drawn out task, you just need a bit of thought and a plan! ELECTRONIC FREE ZONES  It’s important to get a good night’s rest. These days our lives are becoming absorbed by electronic devices!   Try to leave your phone, iPad, and laptop outside the bedroom and if the phone is your alarm,  try to refrain from checking it throughout the night or catching up on emails before you go to sleep!
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Christmas is just around the corner!

If you’ve had no time for decorating this year, or need some last minute party prep, we’ve got you sorted!  We’ve compiled a list of our top 6  favourite ways to deck your home in style:
Lights don’t only belong on a tree or the front of the house. Try placing some string lights in different size lanterns or glass domes around the house or even woven through green garland would look beautiful! For more Christmas lights inspo read the full article here.
There are so many places to hang ornaments beyond a tree! Make the most out of all your decorations by hanging your decorations off some ribbon that matches your space from a bannister, a window or a doorway. We saw this one on Better Homes and Gardens.
We know the decorating ideas for Mason Jars are endless, but our personal favourite are these Mason jar snow globes. Simply add a small tree (or snowman, or Santa or any small ornament) to the bottom with some glue and add in fake snow! So simple but so cute! Mason jars also make great candle holders and they are perfect for serving your favourite Christmas drinks!
Display your Christmas greetings by hanging some wire or fairy lights on a free area in your home and attach the cards with small decorative pegs. – Not only do get a tidy place for all your Christmas cards, you also create an easy Christmas wall decor! It’s a win-win.
It instantly feels like Christmas once the tree goes up. A small tree is perfect for those who don’t have the time or space for a big tree or if you want your home looking even more Christmassy! Small artificial trees are easy to find and decorate and can be placed almost anywhere in your home! You can even get really creative by hunting for twigs and sticks around your neighbourhood, rustic is so on trend this year!   
Everyone loves a good Christmas bon bon – and this one’s a cracker! (see what we did there?) All you need for this one is left over Christmas wrapping paper, toilet rolls, ribbon and of course a prize! You can personalise these as much as you like with name tags, lollies, choccies, or toys – whatever you like. (You could even print off some Dad jokes to include, they are always fun to read around the table.)
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Live the Coastal Lifestyle at Eden Beach: House & Land Special
Spectacular houses and solid investments. What’s not to love about Eden Beach house and land packages? Whether you’re looking for a new home, down-sizing or investing in a property that is low maintenance and appealing to tenants, it’s worth taking a closer look into house and land packages. With shrinking lots in Perth’s new estates, Express Two Storey have carefully designed versatile double storey homes, which optimise every available space in narrow lots while catering to varying lifestyles. Single storey homes on a narrow lot can feel more like ground floor apartments than houses. By using innovative upper floor construction techniques, Express Two Storey homes maximise the space of narrow lots to make two storey living accessible for everyone. The versatile range of designs ensure you not only get the living space you need, but also accommodate for spacious outdoor entertaining areas. The Eden Beach House and Land Special These highly desirable and reasonably priced packages are conveniently situated in Perth’s exclusive northern suburbs, overlooking beautiful Eden Beach.With prices starting at $253 990, the Express Two Storey design “The Kensington” is popular with those who want the convenience of a downstairs master bedroom. The addition of two upstairs bedrooms with a second bathroom, allows ample room for growing families or functional privacy for the flow of visitors. Increasingly popular is the option to add a one bed apartment or “Fonzi flat” over the garage. This may come in handy as a separate private dwelling to establish ‘accessible distance’ from your hormonal teenager or simply to expand your housing potential for guests. Location Eden Beach Jindalee, recognised as one of Perth’s most sought after coastal suburbs, is synonymous with high quality infrastructure and convenient amenities. Real estate growth in the northern corridor has performed well in recent years, coupled with the extension of major transport links. This indicates that Eden Beach is destined for population growth in the future and suggests increased demand for short and long term rental properties. Eden Beach house and land packages are not only ideal for families craving all of the benefits of a beachside lifestyle, but also for those considering strategic property investments with high rental yield opportunities and uncapped potential for long term equity. Check out the range of Express Two Storey Living's latest double storey designs here, and make sure you visit our display home, The Tranquility, in Clarkson. [caption id="attachment_18043" align="alignnone" width="919"]Tranquility Display Home - Clarkson The Tranquility's Open Plan Living Room - Display Home in Clarkson[/caption]
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Living in Hilbert, The Avenue Estate
Located south of the river, Hilbert is a newly established suburb surrounded by nature. With easy access to Tonkin Highway and Kwinana Freeway, Hilbert is just 30 minutes southeast of Perth’s CBD with Fremantle and Cockburn even closer. Offering residents a relaxed and peaceful lifestyle, Hilbert has a vast choice of schools, shops, medical, entertainment, community and sporting facilities nearby. Its new private estate The Avenue is located just north of Byford and minutes from the centre of Armadale. With an environmentally-sensitive urban design project, residents of The Avenue Estate will be able to enjoy modern streetscapes and landscaped parks, as well as benefit from Armadale’s city centre with its shops and train station just 6km away. In addition to The Avenue, Hilbert also houses the Sienna Woods Estate, which is nestled at the foot of the Darling Hills, with the Wungong River gently winding its way through the community. This exciting new community has been designed to offer residents views to the hills and a feeling of open space. Both new Estates are surrounded by nearby schools to ensure the very best for your children’s education, and a range of sports and recreation facilities to keep you and yours entertained, including Armadale Aquatic Centre and Armadale Arena. [caption id="attachment_16498" align="alignnone" width="807"]Hilbert is surrounded by intimate parks and grassed areas, perfect to to run and play with the kids, walk the dog or catch up with friends. Hilbert is surrounded by intimate parks and grassed areas, perfect to run and play with the kids, walk the dog or catch up with friends.[/caption]   If you are looking for more tips on living local, find out “how you can build an affordable two storey home” in the location you desire. Looking to get the most out of your small block? Check out our “How to get a backyard on a small block in the location you want” & “5 things to do in your new two storey living backyard”.
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4 Tips for Building an Energy-Efficient Two Storey Home
When it comes to building a new home or renovating, it's smart to think about ways to increase energy efficiency, which will benefit the environment and your pocket. Building an energy-efficient two storey home is one of the most practical investments you can make. However, if you're not sure where to start, see our 4 Tips for Building an Energy-Efficient Two Storey Home. 1. Consider your floor plan carefully Choosing a layout that utilises the best of your environmental conditions can save you a lot on electricity bills. Living areas can benefit greatly from sunlight, so building your home in a fashion that uses the most natural light possible throughout the day is a great way to stay energy-efficient. [caption id="attachment_15738" align="alignnone" width="900"]Open plan living in The Ascari Display Home. The large windows allow a lot of natural light coming in, helping to reduce the use or artificial light. Open plan living area in The Ascari Display Home. The large windows allow a lot of natural light to come in, helping to reduce the use of artificial light.[/caption] 2. Invest in double glazed windows Double glazed windows contribute greatly to energy savings, whilst also providing thermal insulation and noise reduction. It helps prevent unwanted heat coming into the house during summer and reduce the amount of heat escaping in winter, keeping your home at a more comfortable temperature. This is a one-time investment that rewards for years to come. 3. Optimise the use of air conditioning and heating systems Selecting an efficient heating and cooling system that best suit your home layout and its occupants is the most efficient way of saving on your energy footprint. During the building process, your builder and air conditioning supplier will recommend the ideal system based on floor size, room volumes and thermal design. For your heating systems, consider using solar energy panels. They are the most environmentally friendly and cost-effective way to make your two storey home energy-efficient. 4. Maximise the efficiency of your insulation Most heat entering the house comes in via the roof and ceiling. In two storey homes, investing in roof insulation and between floors will make sure that rate of heat flowing out of the house in winter and into the house during summer, is low. It will also help you reduce the use of heating and cooling systems, save money on energy bills and improve the comfort level in your home.   For more tips on building a two storey home, check out our “How to choose your perfect two storey home design”.
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3 Ways to Accessorise your Upstairs Retreat
Whether your building, moving into your new two storey living design or feel your second storey needs an overhaul, the following 3 Ways to Accessorise your Upstairs Retreat will ensure your space is optimised to the highest potential. 1. Home Office If you work from home or you like to keep your books organised, then a home office is the perfect way to accessorise your upstairs retreat. A desk, computer or laptop are all you need to get your home office up and running. Dependent on the space, you can even add a filing cabinet, book case and lounge chair if you have more than one working in the area at a time, or if there's two of you, another desk will work wonders. [caption id="attachment_15691" align="alignnone" width="919"]home office retreat A home office in your upstairs retreat is a great way of staying organised[/caption] [caption id="attachment_15692" align="alignnone" width="919"]office retreat Or if you prefer a clean and compact design, keep your accessories to a minimum[/caption] 2. Activity Area If you have children - or even if you don't, an upstairs activity area can be a great space to chill out and unwind in your own company, or the company of your family. This area of your home can be full of children's games for those who have young one's or can be made into a fun space for adults too. Whether it's full of kids toys, or you add in your own home bar and arcade machines or pool tables, the options are endless. 3. Relaxing Retreat The most simple, yet effective option of accessorising your upstairs retreat is to keep it clean and basic. Utilise this space by adding a chair and a book case, and use it as the name suggests. [caption id="attachment_15689" align="alignnone" width="919"]Ascari retreat The relaxing retreat inside The Ascari by Express Two Storey Living[/caption] If you're interested in looking at a two storey home design in your desired location that won't break the budget, visit Express Two Storey Living, or The Ascari. Learn more about The Future of Building Double Storey.
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Living in Karnup, Vista Estate
The suburb of Karnup is located in Vista Estate, an established area in close proximity to the stunning Singleton Beach. Located north of Mandurah, Karnup is a short distance from Secret Harbour Golf Course and a range of sports amenities, including tennis and basketball courts. If you enjoy being active, you will love Living in Karnup. Located within the City of Rockingham, Karnup has a large sporting ground and future plans for a Primary School, making it the perfect location to raise a family. The Mandurah rail line is only a few minutes away, making transport a breeze, with access to Kwinana Freeway only a short 5 minute drive. Located throughout the estate are outdoor exercise stations, so you can stay active with friends and family, or even on your own. There's also great surf for beach goers at Secret Harbour. So for the lifestyle you've been dreaming of, visit Karnup, Vista Estate. [caption id="attachment_15575" align="alignnone" width="919"]beach Singleton Beach - Only 1.5km from Vista Estate [/caption] The Barichello, a stunning 4 bedroom home by Express Two Storey Living will be on sale in Vista Estate this year. Designed to optimise space and allow enough room for a backyard, Express Two Storey Living believe in delivering a convenient way to build a new home in Perth; designed to give you more choice and more room. Keep an eye out for our Display Homes Coming Soon and Find out why you should build Two Storey with Express. Interested in building two storey? See 5 things to do in your new two storey living backyard.
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MONEY HACKS: 6 Smart ways to use your tax refund!

Just in time for Christmas in July – its Tax time!

This year before you race off to blow your money on a trip to Bali, we’d like you to consider a few other ways to use your tax refund this year – a quick trip won’t compare to the life long rewards of owning your first home! There are plenty of ways to put your money to good use  - especially if you’re a first home buyer! Keep reading to find out how (it’s easier than you think!) 1. Work out your budget, and stick to it! The key to saving is doing it systematically. Putting your spare change in a jar each week is technically something, but change, by definition, is left over from your purchases, which may or may not have been necessary. – Be honest with yourself, could you have gone without? Determine how much you actually need to spend each month - This is a must! Budget sensibly by putting together a realistic savings plan that doesn't compromise you or your family's lifestyle too much. – They can be just a few slight changes in your spending habits. (Like bringing your lunch from home, or only buying a coffee on Friday's! - All these things can really add up!) 2. Got $3000 back in tax? We’ll build you your first home*.! Right now you’re only $3060 away from building your first home! No need to use your savings account, just wait 3 months and you can use your EOFY gift from the ATO for a deposit on your first home! Or better yet if you’re currently renting, you may have the option to use your tax return for a deposit straight away (no waiting 3 months)! Our partners at V-Homeloans know first home finance back to front! They make it super easy for you to become a first home owner with access to competitive low deposit home loans and government grants - all you need is $3,060* and we could build you a fully-finished two storey Brownstones by the beach! 3. Would another $10,000 help? For all the qualified first home buyers out there, The West Australian Government offers a sizeable $10,000 First Home Owners Grant which can be put towards your dream home! And we’ve got plenty of affordable home and land packages available across south, north and east of Perth to make the process that much easier! [caption id="attachment_26903" align="alignnone" width="400"] The Brownstones Display Home - Perfect for the first home buyer![/caption] 4. Let’s talk finance – We can help! Our expert finance broker’s, V Home Loans can check your serviceability and borrowing capacity and advise you on your options available. It’s a free service and a good way to get started on your home ownership journey. If the ATO wasn’t as generous as you hoped, you do have options! There are low deposit options like Key start Home Loans where if eligible you only need to provide a 2% deposit (1% being genuine savings) which could get you one step closer to your dream home. 5. Already in your first home? Turn something small into something big – get your money working for you, with an investment property! You might be surprised to learn how little you need to get started as there are plenty of attractive investments for a very affordable price. And if you’re looking at the bigger picture, investment properties come with a range of tax benefits in the form of deductions, among many other things, therefore investment may be the way to earn your tax back! 6. Optimise your banking! Hold on to that tax return and open a new bank account to deposit the money. If you’re not quite there yet, choose a high interest savings account to allow your money to grow the longer you leave it. Whether its using your tax return to set up your future or using your tax return as a home deposit, its one step forward in the right direction. Take the leap and use your tax return to begin your home ownership journey. We are here to help! Get in touch with us today and we can help you find ways to make the most out of your tax return. the entertainer backyard by express two storey *VHG Finance Pty Ltd T/A V Homeloans. Corporate Credit Representative Number 495067 is authorised under Australian Credit Licence Number 389328. Your full financial situation and requirements need to be considered prior to any offer and acceptance of a loan product. The $3060 home deposit was calculated off a home and land package available in Golden Bay for $306,000.
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