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Upside Down Living – How to make the most of Perth views!
Is upside down living the new housing revolution? Perth has seen a growing trend in recent years for upside down living home designs, also known as reverse living or upside down homes and this trend in real estate is showing no signs of slowing down. Put simply, upside down living home design upends the traditional double storey home which has the living room, dining room and kitchen downstairs and the bedrooms and bathroom upstairs. An upside down living home design elevates the kitchen and main living areas to pride of place on the upper level and disperses bedrooms between the ground and upper floors. Upside down living home designs are especially popular with Perth people who want to make the most of their views, whether these are spine-tingling outlooks of the coast, the cityscape, the riverside or bushland. It makes the perfect way to capture these views while you’re cooking, relaxing and entertaining, not just when you’re ready to go to sleep. [caption id="attachment_24743" align="alignnone" width="800"] The Panorama Display - An Upside Down Living Home Design[/caption] Advantages of upside down living home designs:
  • Views: Most people do not spend much time looking out of bedrooms, especially when trying to sleep or getting changed. The best views are normally wasted on rooms where there is rarely an opportunity for them to be appreciated.
  • Privacy: Many upside down living double storey home designs, have the parents master suite upstairs with the living room, allowing the children their own area downstairs. By implementing these elements into the designs, individual shared zones as well as separate spaces to retreat and relax are created.
  • Light: Having open plan living areas upstairs allows an abundance of natural light into these open areas, resulting in greater energy efficiency by reducing the need for artificial lighting, and heating.
  • Air Flow: Open plan living areas allow breeze to flow throughout the upper floor without being impeded by closed doors and windows. By having open living areas upstairs, further savings result in reduced power bills from the natural cooling of the home.
Despite having many advantages, there are a few things to consider:
  • Increased building costs: there is an increased cost for this type of building due additional labour costs for cabinetry, plumbing, electrical etc., for accessing the upper floor.
  • Possibility of losing views: Your prized views may be built out.
  • Increase in climbing stairs: As most of the living will be spent upstairs, there will be an increase in climbing up & down stairs, including the carting of groceries.
If you’d like to find out more about upside down living home designs, or if you have a block that you would like to make the most of some stunning views , get in touch with Fernando on 0417 551 559 or email, he’s always happy to help customise the perfect design for you!      
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A space that is welcoming of fun, and a perfect escape from the mundane, introducing Express Two Storey’s new display home in Lakelands Private Estate, The Outlook! This home is a four bedroom, two bathroom two storey home design complete with a theater and private retreat -  perfect for the well-travelled family or for the wanderlust family who dreams of adventure.

Our favourite five:

  1. The wanderlust gallery wall of the Living Room. It creates the story of unique experiences & collected treasures.
  2. The floral wall-papered power room. It’s glam, vintage & cosy all at once.
  3. The industrial black pendant lights of the Kitchen. They are gregarious & unapologetic.
  4. The deep green velvet couch of the Home Theatre. It is luxury comfort.
  5. The four poster bed in the Master Bedroom. It denotes romance, mystery & escape from the outside world.


Feel & Design: Boho Luxe. Though finding a consistent feel in so many seemingly unrelated elements is more of a challenge than it would appear! Also, boho is usually synonymous with a much older, already-lived-in space. To create the feel of a backstory of something that’s completely new was the fun of it. Materials & colour palette: It’s gallery-white. This allowed free license for colours and textures, splashed onto fabrics, furniture and ornaments. Boho is counter-intuitive, in that it must feel more collected than planned. It can’t be uniform. It’s the feeling of having travelled and found many interesting things along the way – you will find these collected treasures in pieces like the silk Indian ottoman of of the master bedroom, the mandala bedspread of the girl’s room, the weathered, natural wood of the dining table. Elements & Space: The living room is a must see, and perhaps the space that works best in this home. The carved sideboard from Behind the Door Collective is as earthy and cosy as it is a detailed masterpiece unto itself. The coffee table that was once a door is quirky and inviting of fun & new ideas. The room is so naturally well-lit that every piece within it sits unobtrusively. The opulent black & white rug is delicately designed so that the room as a whole is calming and delightful despite its many decorative participants. Come and say hello to Dave this weekend, he would be delightful to walk you through an interesting home filled with collected treasures! Location: 12 Gooljak Rise, Lakelands Opening Times: Monday – Wednesday 2-5pm / Saturday – Sunday 1-5pm Want to learn more? To learn more about The Outlook, get in touch with Dave on 0402 419 131 or click here!
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3 Reasons to Build a Two Storey Home
If you’re deciding whether to build a single or two storey house, choosing the best home design that works for you and your family can be a daunting task. In some cases, the choice is clear. Physical limitations of the block size or personal preferences can make the decision obvious. For others, the choice is not so easy. With so many house design options for both single and double story homes, here’s 3 reasons to build a two storey home to help make the decision process a little easier:
  1. Bigger house on a small block
With Perth’s block sizes shrinking, you want to make sure you get the most out of your space. Building up means you have less of a footprint, which also means you can save money on buying a larger block. You also get more choices when it comes to location. So you can build in the suburb you’ve always wanted to, without going too far north or south of your desired location.
  1. Two storey homes enable multiple living options
When you build a two storey house, you can spread your living spaces and bedrooms across two levels, giving you more flexibility to create multiple living options for your family. Whether you’ve got kids on the way or your family is already growing at a quick pace, ensuring you’ve got plenty of bedrooms – and perhaps a guest room, study and activity room – is even easier when you go up.
  1. You get a bigger backyard
The backyard is important when it comes to living the quintessential ‘Aussie’ dream. A backyard game of cricket, a swimming pool, alfresco entertainment, a spa plus pet comfort all come to mind when considering a dream backyard. A two storey home allows you to have a bigger yard and more space for that beautiful alfresco area you have always wanted. Outdoor pets will benefit too. With the size of lots decreasing, a larger backyard can be hard to come by. [caption id="attachment_17134" align="alignnone" width="900"]The Entertainer Display Home by Express Two Storey Living The Entertainer Display Home by Express Two Storey Living[/caption]  

If you are still indecisive about your new home design, check out our blogs: How To Choose Your Perfect Two Storey Home Design and  Double Storey Home Builders Perth – What to Look Out For.

Express Two Storey Living delivers affordable two storey homes which are faster to complete and save you thousands in wasted rent. Explore our home design range or visit one of our display homes around Perth.
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3 Features Making Your Two Storey Home More Functional
A great home should not only look good, but be functional and comfortable so you can carry on with your daily chores in a simplistic and seamless manner. Here are three great features that can help you make your two storey home more functional: Under stairs storage Maximising the space available under the stairs is a feature that makes your home feel special and well thought-out. This area is often neglected, but you can utilise it efficiently, even if the space is minimal. If you don’t want to go overboard with custom woodwork, you can easily create a little hidden closet or use the space as a home office nook. Remodel by the Beach   Laundry chute Adding a laundry chute from your second floor to your laundry room is a feature worthy of considering. Laundry chutes are low tech but require careful planning to ensure they are situated correctly. Bathrooms or halls near bedrooms are both great spots, making it easy for everyone in the family to send dirty clothes straight to the laundry room.
Addition & Interior Remodel
  Ducted vacuum system Installing a built-in central vacuum system means no more heavy unit to pull, push or drag along up and downstairs. When you are building a new house, the last thing that may come to mind is how you will be cleaning your house, yet considering you will have to clean the house – this feature will make your chores much easier and quicker. [caption id="attachment_17125" align="alignnone" width="620"]Image Source: Home Improvement Pages Image Source: Home Improvement Pages[/caption]   Express Two Storey Living delivers affordable double storey homes which are faster to complete and save you thousands in wasted rent. For more tips on double storey home designs, see our How to Choose Your Perfect Two Storey Home Design and Which Express Two Storey Design Best Suits You?
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Will increases to the FHOG change the housing market in WA?
We previously spoke about 2017 being an extremely positive year in the WA housing industry. With increased confidence for investors, first and second home buyers, making this year the year to build. A key change in the property market for 2017 is the increased $10,000 First Home Owners Grant, which has been pushed to $15,000 from January 1, 2017. Today, we discuss the FHOG increase, how it will alter the property market for the better and why NOW is the time to build. build now in WA
What the increased First Home Owners Grant will effect and what this means for the WA property market: 
  • Increases to the First Home Owners Grant & Access to Keystart 
As previously mentioned, the increase to the First Home Owners Grant essentially means more people will be able to afford a new home. Not only has this government grant been passed, but the Access to Keystart lending criteria has also been altered. The metro income limit for Keystart loans has been increased by $20,000 and also came into effect from the beginning of the year. Income eligibility for the Keystart loan scheme has increased from $70,000 to $90,000 for singles, $95,000 to $115,000 combined income for couples and $115,000 to $135,000 for families. This staggering increase means more and more individuals and families have a greater chance of moving into a home of their own. At Express, we are dedicated to providing a solution to the challenge of building a spacious home, that is affordable and aspirational. You can have a bigger backyard, multiple living spaces and even great views from your balcony! See our affordable House & Land packages throughout Perth.
  • Increased enquiry for House & Land 
As the property cycle has currently hit the 'recovery' phase, now is the time to purchase House & Land packages. These packages are at a staggering, all time low and have never bee more affordable. See the recovery phase below for further information:  Recovery phase infographic
  • Investor capitalisation on low interest rates
Now is the ideal time for investors to capitalise on extremely low interest rates. Favourable terms and pricing on land purchase as they press the button on developments for projects that buyers will be eligible for the FHOG anticipating future growth.
  • Land availability will decrease 
Availability of land will reduce as a result of activity & if enquiry is still strong favourable pricing and favourable conditions for purchasing land will reduce. 5. New land release prices will increase  6. The recovery is the best time to begin involvement  Figures will confirm increased activity and signs of recovery from 6 months before increasing confidence. 7. Established homes within a lower price bracket will begin to sell Existing homes in the cheaper price range sell as people look to upgrade. 8. Marketing recovery will commence a trend of increased pricing As second and third home owners enter the market. 9. Land & building prices increase as media reports the market is now hot again  10. Market begins to slow and the cycle eventually turns full circle    For further information on why NOW is the time to build, visit At Express Two Storey Living, we provide the solution to the challenge of building a spacious new home that is both attainable and aspirational. Contact us today or call (08) 9241 1700 for a chat about your new home build and how we can help you get into the home you've always dreamed of.
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10 Reasons why this is a good time to buy
This year most people were glad to see the back of 2016. So far, 2017 seems to be a highly positive year in the home building industry, particularly with renewed incentive in the First Home Owners Grant, spiking an overall boost in confidence in the market place. With a solid increase in trade and land availability, fantastic purchasing terms and renewed confidence in the WA resource industry, there are positive reasons why now is a good time to build if your thinking of entering the property market. See our 10 reasons why 2017 is a good time to buy a new home. 1. The last quarter of 2016 showed some positive signs. With positive reinforcement for the WA housing industry at the back end of 2016, the HIFG (Housing Industry Forecast Group) expects a pick-up in 2017-18, with a further strengthening in 2018-19 and 2019-20. With interest rates declining and numerous grants increasing, this onset of positivity sparked an uprising of the housing market throughout Australia, and particularly WA, with affordability for first and second home buyers increasing with confidence. [caption id="attachment_22019" align="alignnone" width="655"]WA building activity ABS WA building activity saw a positive close to 2016, with 2017 set to be bigger and better.[/caption] 2. The increase in the First Home Owners Grant (FHOG) to $15,000 means more activity in the first home buyers market as it’s a stimulus measure. The Government, Opposition and building industry welcomed the announcement of the $5,000 boost to the First Home Owners Grant for 2017. The positive nature of this change encourages activity in the housing market, providing an extra boost to First Home Buyers wishing to get a home of their own. 3. Increases to  Keystart lending criteria for couples means more people have access to finance. In addition to the First Home Owners Grant increase, the Keystart lending criteria has also changed. The metro income limit for Keystart loans has been increased by $20,000 and also came into effect from the beginning of the year. Income eligibility for the Keystart loan scheme has increased from $70,000 to $90,000 for singles, $95,000 to $115,000 combined income for couples and $115,000 to $135,000 for families. For more information on Keystart lending criteria, visit: 4. Previous increase to the FHOG also signalled the start of a recovery in the market. The First Home Owners Grant was first introduced into the Australian housing market on July 1st, 2000, in which first home buyers who satisfied the eligibility criteria could receive a $7,000 once off payment towards their new home. The grant has only increased from here, to $10,000 in September 2013 to December 2016, and now to $15,000 for 2017. Source: 5. The HIA economic report predicts 2018 is the year that the residential housing market is destined for recovery. The recent Housing Forecast Report produced by the Housing Industry of Australia and based on extensive industry data, has predicted that the residential housing market is destined for recovery in 2018, with positivity set to increase thereafter. The full report can be seen at the HIA website. 6. Current land availability and fantastic terms for purchasing. Due to the expansion of the Perth housing market, more land has become available throughout the Perth metropolitan area and South West region. This increase ensures that buyers have more options when it comes to their ideal location and can be that extra step closer to their home building dream. 7. Access to modern building techniques means two storey home and land packages are more affordable than ever.  Increased access to an array of modern building techniques ensures both one and two storey house and land packages are more affordable than ever. The innovative technology utilised by Express Two Storey Living ensures you get the best value from your house, using sustainable materials while ensuring your home is both modern and functional. Learn more about the innovative building technologies used by Express Two Storey. hamilton display home express Two storey homes are now even more affordable for first home buyers in Perth. Pictured: The Hamilton display home. 8. Interest rates continue to be at a low level. Another great reason to purchase your own home this year is the incredibly low interest rates. With the steady decline of interest rates over the last year, consumer confidence has continued to grow, with the Reserve Bank cutting the official interest rate to a fresh low of only 1.5%. Many financial experts have agreed that the rates may have further to fall. JP Morgan's Sally Auld has predicted "that rates will remain on hold at 1.5 per cent this year before being cut twice more in the first half of 2017". 9. Construction times & quality are better due to availability of trades The once scarce availability of trades appears to be a fact of the past, encouraging a higher quantity of homes to be built this year. The increase of trades due to the mining industries downturn means homes will be built quicker and material delays will dramatically decrease. 10. Positive outlook for investors and home owners looking to upgrade their lifestyle. Savvy investors and those looking to trade up to a new home will come into the housing market looking to take advantage of low prices, additionally spiking activity in the exciting and bustling housing industry in WA in 2017. If you'd like to know more about getting into a home of your own, please get in touch with us, or view our range of home designs and display homes online.
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A new season in Perth’s construction industry
For too many years, Perth locals have been missing out. They have been forced to settle for "what's available" over "what's best", and now that their eyes are opened to better options there's no turning back! A tradition perfected over hundreds of years, the craft of baking a crusty loaf of bread is not a new concept. However, it seems that it is in Perth. How many of us can relate to being subjected to soft, chewy crusted loaves of bread that seem to be constantly leaning towards the stale side? Driving to the beach one sunny morning, there appeared to be a total traffic jam on a typically quiet street. Edging slowly to the front of the standstill, it was surprising to find that people were queuing, not only in their cars, but also along the pavement down the street. It turns out they were queuing to buy fresh bread! Evidently, once locals have been exposed to an exceptional crusty loaf, they will no longer settle for a soggy second best. [caption id="attachment_21733" align="alignnone" width="920"]Perth locals have had their eyes opened to the beauty of fresh, crusty bread. Perth locals have had their eyes opened to the beauty of fresh, crusty bread.[/caption] This bread situation shares many correlations with home building in WA. Like being made to eat lacklustre bread even though superior baking styles are available, Perth residents have also been forced to accept the monopoly of builders using the same, outdated construction methods. Over the years, innovative companies around the world have developed new and exciting products designed to increase building efficiencies while improving quality of living. Many of these techniques have been internationally established for decades, as a tried and tested superior method, and still they have remained unavailable in Western Australia. Just as they can't retract that unforgettable first bite of crusty bread, locals are now refusing to settle for second best in the construction industry, leading the charge in the demand for superior building expect the best from your buildersmethods in Perth. Widespread internet access ensures that once impenetrable borders are now open and all have the opportunity to see what's happening in the rest of the world. The discovery of international construction innovations that are more efficient, environmentally sustainable and resistant of the elements, have caused Perth residents to demand more from their builders. Construction techniques are not the only aspect evolving in Perth's building industry. Changing tastes are also evident in home design and styling. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, "typical" family sizes will continue to shrink, leading to a movement away from traditional 4x2 designs, with more people than ever requesting 3 or even 2 bed designs with larger backyards and more living spaces to suit their social lifestyle. Express' Hilbert display home, The Intrigue, is a perfect example of how Express Two Storey Living is responding to our customer's demand for product diversity. Utilising innovative building techniques such as TECBEAM®  and StoRender to increase the home's structural resilience and sustainability, The Intrigue is so stylish and versatile, it would feel right at home on a narrow lot in trendy location. Featuring well placed windows that maximise natural light and inspire impromptu entertaining, the home has an air of effortless charm. Express' talented interior designer, Rachel Maree, has styled the home to include a number of clever twists, like exchanging the third bedroom for a second study, utilising available space for extra living areas and bold, textured wallpapers showcasing sophisticated design, which works together with the structural layout to establish this home as a contemporary dwelling for the modern Perth family. [caption id="attachment_21728" align="alignnone" width="1000"]sneak peak of the stylish Intrigue display home in hilbert A sneak peak of the stylish Intrigue display home in Hilbert.[/caption] Another element of superior innovation involves Express' ability to offer online customisation tools, so that our clients can create their perfect home the way they want. You can try out the home creator for yourself here. To find out more about TECBEAM® and StoRender, see the articles below: Express Two Storey brings StoRender to Perth Benefits of the Upper Flooring system used by Express Two Storey Living Express Two Storey Living brings TecBeam technology to WA homes  
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Express Two Storey brings Sto Render to Perth
Express Two Storey Living is on a mission to make the two storey lifestyle more accessible to everyday Western Australians. When considering building a two storey house in Perth, many have felt dissatisfied by the lack of options available. The current market is saturated with builders offering products that are constructed using the same technologies, which leads to the creation of a builder-defined price floor that is simply too high for most buyers. Thinking outside the box, Express sought to challenge the status quo of Perth's traditional construction methods and implement more efficient concepts that have been successfully adopted overseas. By embracing innovative building techniques, Express is able to separate itself from all competitors, by delivering high quality homes that are: faster to build, more resilient to the elements and more affordable due to increased building efficiencies. How is this possible? There are three main factors that contribute to Express Two Storey Living’s position as a Perth leader in construction innovation.
  1. Express is the first project builder in Perth to adopt the use of Sto Render systems. Sto is an internationally recognised industry leader in render, cladding and construction solutions. Manufacturing environmentally friendly thin-coat synthetic render systems that are:
  • Incredibly strong with crack resistance that is six times stronger than a standard render
  • Highly flexible
  • Available in over 800 colours and a variety of textures (colours run through the render so to avoid visible chipping)
  • Self-cleaning
  • Resistant to weathering

Video source: Sto Australia

  1. Express is also the first builder in Perth to use TECBEAM® technology to construct the upper floor. TECBEAM® is an extremely strong flooring system that is lighter and quicker to build than the traditional concrete slab system and as a result more affordable.
[caption id="attachment_21448" align="aligncenter" width="919"]tecbuild-technology Image Source: TECBUILD Systems[/caption]  
  1. Express’ innovative online customisation tool allows customers to personalise their two storey home from a myriad of design options at the click of a button.
[caption id="attachment_21535" align="aligncenter" width="919"]Express Home Creator Tool Customise The Explorer home design online[/caption]   Want a double storey home in Perth that epitomises innovation, quality, resilience and efficiency at an affordable price? Take our online quiz and we will recommend the Express Two Storey home design that will best suit your needs and budget.  
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How functionality can increase the value of your home
Customising your structural designs are a fantastic way to personalise your home to suit your lifestyle. A highly individual design can seem like a good idea at the time, however, it can be costly both when building and selling the home. Designing a two storey house that is unique AND functional, will save you time and money in the event of resale. The eyes sell a property. Often the price of a house on the market is more likely to be influenced by the aesthetics and functionality of the home, than by the quality of the materials used to create it. Ultimately, a functional floor plan can determine the value of a home. However, this is also an area that most people are unfamiliar with. After consulting with Express’ experts who deal with floor plans on a daily basis, we’ve isolated some essential advice that will help you when you’re designing your very own two storey home. follow this checklist to make sure that you are creating a functional home design Design tips for now and the future. 
  • Design around the site and location. Thankfully, Express Two Storey Living sales consultants go through intensive training so that they are well equipped to advise you on how to achieve a house design  that matches your lifestyle.
  • Consider the solar orientation of your property to create a house that feels larger and is complimented by the elements. This not only makes the house feel lighter and more spacious, it also increases cooling and heating efficiencies. The experts at Express are here to help you optimise your floorplan.
  • Ensure that the house flows and is easy to furnish. If rooms are designed poorly, it can be difficult to find appropriate spaces for large sized furnishings.  At Express Two Storey Living all of our designs go through a rigorous testing process by professional designers to ensure maximum functionality – BEFORE your home is built.
warning signs to watch out for when looking at your home designs  Design choices to be wary of. 
  • Is there sufficient space between the fence and the house?
  • Is there glazing to the northern side of the building to allow important winter light to penetrate the home?
  • Avoid doors to bedrooms or bathrooms coming directly off shared spaces or living areas - you don’t want to be distracted by your washing machine while you’re watching a movie.
  • Avoid being fixated on bedroom sizes as where the bed is located and the surrounding space is a better indicator of functionality than size.
The expert team at Express Two Storey Living work with you to ensure that your home is designed to suit your lifestyle requirements, while increasing value in every step of the process.  Follow these tips and you should find that your new home is more functional for you and your family, while increasing the value of your property if it should come to resale. Have a look at some of our favourite, functional double storey home designs. [caption id="attachment_21190" align="aligncenter" width="919"]the ascari display home open plan living The Ascari home design exhibits seamless connectivity between the kitchen, dining and living areas.[/caption]   [caption id="attachment_21192" align="aligncenter" width="919"]the tranquility home design has spacious living area perfect for relaxing The Tranquility home design has a spacious living/dining room, flowing effortlessly into the outdoor entertaining area.[/caption]   [caption id="attachment_21191" align="aligncenter" width="919"]The entertainer maximises the space of the living areas while offering convenient upstairs access The Entertainer home design maximises the space of the living areas while offering convenient upstairs access[/caption]   To view our full range of functional home designs, explore: Our Two Storey Home Designs.
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Narrow lot housing: building for the future
In the past, home ownership in WA has been synonymous with large blocks of land, generous sized houses and spacious outdoor areas. However, the increasing cost of well positioned land means that narrow lot housing is fast becoming the way of the future. Fortunately, narrow lots or “skinnies”, which ranges from 6m to 10.5m wide, provide an excellent option for cost effective land in prime locations.  Buyers now have the opportunity to take advantage of these "skinnies" in high demand locations and achieve their lifestyle goals, by building a double storey home with Express Two Storey Living. Flexibility of Building Two Storey With the best land being divided into smaller lots, building a two storey house is the perfect way to capitalise on limited space without compromising your lifestyle.  Recent advances in building technology have reduced the time and costs associated with building a double storey home, which makes building two storey increasingly accessible to growing numbers of Perth locals. the pimlico a 7m frontage house design for narrow house lots

The Pimlico - a contemporary 4x2 design with 7.5m frontage

Affordable Coastal Living For those who have always longed to live near the beach, the proliferation of narrow lots also helps to increase the accessibility of all of the lifestyle benefits associated with coastal living . There are now two storey house and land packages, in suburbs such as Eden beach or Alkimos, starting from only $430,000.  Designs offer 3x2 or 4x2 options with spacious outdoor living areas and double lock up garages, along with backyard spaces that could allow for a pool later down the track. These packages offer the best of the coastal lifestyle along with close proximity to shops or cafes - all at an affordable price. narrow lot houses allow opportunity for coastal living, beach shot of guy walking into the beach at sunset

Always dreamed of stopping by the beach after work? Image source: Frank McKenna via Unsplash

City Locations If you're not a person who is interested in the seaside, there are plenty of options remaining for buyers wanting to settle closer to the city.  Large lots are being subdivided to create new infill developments in city locales, which are perfect for those craving a more urban street frontage. Young professionals and families wanting the convenience of city living, can take advantage of 10m frontage designs, such as The West Wind providing a great way to achieve an affordable family home in a more central location of choice. city living in perth, elizabeth key

Elizabeth Quay at night - Perth City. Image via Pixabay

Whether you're seeking a relaxed coastal lifestyle, or faster paced urban living, narrow lots are the best option for those wanting to build in prime locations at an affordable price.  With modern building techniques in Perth driving down the cost of the two storey lifestyle, now is the perfect time to consider narrow lot housing with a two storey house and land package in the location of your choice. Have a look at some house designs perfect for narrow lots to see which design would work best for you, and check out house and land packages available in Perth now. For further reading regarding building your two storey home, have a look at: Sustainable technology and materials - by Express Two Storey Living Which Express Two Storey design best suits you? Living in Jindalee - Eden Beach Estate  
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News & Blog

Display Home of the Week – ‘The Waterside’
The Waterside Two Storey Display Home – Located on Medici Way, Chianti Estate, Woodvale A spacious family home with a striking, functional and eye-catching design.   5 REASONS WHY WE LOVE THE WATERSIDE: 1.  A smaller lot with a whole lot of home! The Waterside is a two storey home designed for today’s smaller-sized lots. The clever design of this home still manages to incorporate all the required spaces for true family living and multi-space entertaining and leaves room to enjoy the outdoors! The home features a luxurious resort style master suite to the front, complete with double basin ensuite and a generous walk in robe. A large light filled kitchen with a feature scullery is the central hub to the open living space. The window splash back running the length of the kitchen bench creates a dynamic, changing scene of lush, tropical greenery. The living zone surrounds the alfresco allowing for an abundance of natural light and creating  a natural flow between indoor and outdoor entertaining. Stylish open tread timber stairs make an architectural statement and are the impressive focus of the home’s entry. Below the stairs sits the perfect versatile space for either a study nook, feature credenza or styling reading area. The stairs invite you up to an activity/theatre space with private bar and a stunning front balcony. With the 3 secondary bedrooms upstairs, while you entertain downstairs. This home really is the ultimate in multi-space entertaining!     2.  The floorplan – Entertaining and parents retreat downstairs, spacious kids’ zone upstairs The Waterside is ideal for family living! The parents’ mastersuite is perfectly located on the ground floor and the secondary bedrooms upstairs allows for some peaceful separation between children and parents. This layout is also popular with empty nesters who only use the entirety of the lower floor when it’s time for the family to visit. Positioning the master bedroom on the lower floor ensures less work on your joints as the years progress, as well as less cleaning during the absence of guests. The oversized kitchen island doubles as a conversation hotspot and homework zone and the open plan living area is one where people can congregate easily, whilst enabling the cook to still feel part of the action! The generous scullery and ample kitchen storage means that messy, everyday kitchen activities can be kept out of sight and with the open plan living design, the kitchen can always be proudly on display!     3.  The open plan living area On the ground floor there is a celebration for the love of entertaining, with the kitchen being a standout in the open-plan living area which seamlessly opens to the outdoors. The kitchen is large and filled with an abundance of natural light and with a feature scullery. Placing the majority of the bedrooms upstairs in the Waterside is an intelligent choice for families who want to get the most space out of their backyard. Thinking of a swimming pool or extra outdoor entertaining space? If you have more rooms on your upper floor, it will give you additional space to work with downstairs. A two storey home allows you to have a bigger yard and more space for that beautiful alfresco area you have always wanted. Even the fury members of the family will benefit too – with more room for pets to enjoy the outdoors!     4.  The upstairs – The perfect escape for your kids (and from your kids) A truly impressive architectural open-tread staircase creates a stunning entry feature, and with all secondary bedrooms, and a separate activity zone including private bar upstairs, the adults can happily entertain uninterrupted downstairs, with the kids enjoying their own space upstairs.     5.  Stylish Material Choices The beauty of the home not only comes from its functional living areas but also from the stylish material choices that produce an effortlessly timeless finish. The vision for the home was sophisticated and sleek with lots clean, straight lines. The design was approached with a minimal sense of calm in mind. The feel and finishes create a soothing backdrop to life’s hectic schedule. When we created this project we wanted all details to be in balance with each other. Clean, open plan living that can withstand the demands of multizone entertaining. White surfaces balance with the deep natural wood and stone, dark, textured wallpapers balance with the surrounding colours and play the role of the contrast elements. The intention was to create a timeless and elegant blank canvas that is waiting to take on the buzz of family life.     The Waterside display is open for viewings Mondays and Wednesdays from 2-5pm and Saturdays and Sundays from 1-5pm.     A two storey home allows you to have a bigger yard and more space for that beautiful alfresco area you have always wanted. – At Express we are committed to bringing back the backyard, if you’d like to walk through this stunning home design, pop in and see Shane at the Display Home. Shane is a specialist in customising perfect homes designs for his clients and would happy to have a chat to you about designing your dream home! To view The Waterside Home Design or any of our home designs visit:  
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