A new season in Perth’s construction industry

A new season in Perth’s construction industry

For too many years, Perth locals have been missing out. They have been forced to settle for “what’s available” over “what’s best”, and now that their eyes are opened to better options there’s no turning back!

A tradition perfected over hundreds of years, the craft of baking a crusty loaf of bread is not a new concept. However, it seems that it is in Perth. How many of us can relate to being subjected to soft, chewy crusted loaves of bread that seem to be constantly leaning towards the stale side? Driving to the beach one sunny morning, there appeared to be a total traffic jam on a typically quiet street. Edging slowly to the front of the standstill, it was surprising to find that people were queuing, not only in their cars, but also along the pavement down the street. It turns out they were queuing to buy fresh bread! Evidently, once locals have been exposed to an exceptional crusty loaf, they will no longer settle for a soggy second best.

Perth locals have had their eyes opened to the beauty of fresh, crusty bread.

Perth locals have had their eyes opened to the beauty of fresh, crusty bread.

This bread situation shares many correlations with home building in WA. Like being made to eat lacklustre bread even though superior baking styles are available, Perth residents have also been forced to accept the monopoly of builders using the same, outdated construction methods. Over the years, innovative companies around the world have developed new and exciting products designed to increase building efficiencies while improving quality of living. Many of these techniques have been internationally established for decades, as a tried and tested superior method, and still they have remained unavailable in Western Australia.

Just as they can’t retract that unforgettable first bite of crusty bread, locals are now refusing to settle for second best in the construction industry, leading the charge in the demand for superior building expect the best from your buildersmethods in Perth. Widespread internet access ensures that once impenetrable borders are now open and all have the opportunity to see what’s happening in the rest of the world. The discovery of international construction innovations that are more efficient, environmentally sustainable and resistant of the elements, have caused Perth residents to demand more from their builders.

Construction techniques are not the only aspect evolving in Perth’s building industry. Changing tastes are also evident in home design and styling. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, “typical” family sizes will continue to shrink, leading to a movement away from traditional 4×2 designs, with more people than ever requesting 3 or even 2 bed designs with larger backyards and more living spaces to suit their social lifestyle.

Express’ Hilbert display home, The Intrigue, is a perfect example of how Express Two Storey Living is responding to our customer’s demand for product diversity. Utilising innovative building techniques such as TECBEAM®  and StoRender to increase the home’s structural resilience and sustainability, The Intrigue is so stylish and versatile, it would feel right at home on a narrow lot in trendy location. Featuring well placed windows that maximise natural light and inspire impromptu entertaining, the home has an air of effortless charm. Express’ talented interior designer, Rachel Maree, has styled the home to include a number of clever twists, like exchanging the third bedroom for a second study, utilising available space for extra living areas and bold, textured wallpapers showcasing sophisticated design, which works together with the structural layout to establish this home as a contemporary dwelling for the modern Perth family.

sneak peak of the stylish Intrigue display home in hilbert

A sneak peak of the stylish Intrigue display home in Hilbert.

Another element of superior innovation involves Express’ ability to offer online customisation tools, so that our clients can create their perfect home the way they want. You can try out the home creator for yourself here.

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