Express Two Storey brings Sto Render to Perth

Express Two Storey brings Sto Render to Perth

Express Two Storey Living is on a mission to make the two storey lifestyle more accessible to everyday Western Australians. When considering building a two storey house in Perth, many have felt dissatisfied by the lack of options available. The current market is saturated with builders offering products that are constructed using the same technologies, which leads to the creation of a builder-defined price floor that is simply too high for most buyers.

Thinking outside the box, Express sought to challenge the status quo of Perth’s traditional construction methods and implement more efficient concepts that have been successfully adopted overseas. By embracing innovative building techniques, Express is able to separate itself from all competitors, by delivering high quality homes that are: faster to build, more resilient to the elements and more affordable due to increased building efficiencies.

How is this possible? There are three main factors that contribute to Express Two Storey Living’s position as a Perth leader in construction innovation.

  1. Express is the first project builder in Perth to adopt the use of Sto Render systems. Sto is an internationally recognised industry leader in render, cladding and construction solutions. Manufacturing environmentally friendly thin-coat synthetic render systems that are:
  • Incredibly strong with crack resistance that is six times stronger than a standard render
  • Highly flexible
  • Available in over 800 colours and a variety of textures (colours run through the render so to avoid visible chipping)
  • Self-cleaning
  • Resistant to weathering

Video source: Sto Australia


  1. Express is also the first builder in Perth to use TECBEAM® technology to construct the upper floor. TECBEAM® is an extremely strong flooring system that is lighter and quicker to build than the traditional concrete slab system and as a result more affordable.

Image Source: TECBUILD Systems


  1. Express’ innovative online customisation tool allows customers to personalise their two storey home from a myriad of design options at the click of a button.


Want a double storey home in Perth that epitomises innovation, quality, resilience and efficiency at an affordable price? Take our online quiz and we will recommend the Express Two Storey home design that will best suit your needs and budget.


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