The Express difference, with Interior Designer Rachel Maree

The Express difference, with Interior Designer Rachel Maree

Walking into a beautifully designed home can be an awakening of the senses. The incorporation of views, natural lighting, colours, sounds and scents in any dwelling, all contribute to significantly lowering stress levels as well as increasing physical health and mental well-being. This is not a new concept. For many years, researchers, such as Ulrich (1984) and Biederman (2006), have linked beauty in the built environment to quality of life.

beautiful textures of the hamilton display home

The Hamilton display home in Baldivis shows off gorgeous textures, captivating art works and mood enhancing lighting. Interior design by Rachel Maree.

With the goal of refining interior spaces to the highest level of comfort and aesthetic beauty, interior designers work closely with architects and home owners to create spaces that are not only functional, but also account for mood and personality. Real estate agents have been aware of this for years. Agents will pay thousands of dollars to “stage” a house, by introducing furnishings that encourage the formation of real emotional attachments between prospective buyers and the home for sale – increasing the property’s value by thousands.

Express Two Storey Living recognises that, regardless of all of the fanciest inclusions, a house that fails to reflect the owner’s personality will never feel quite like “home”. This is why Express has partnered with award-winner interior designer Rachel Maree to offer clients an interior design consultation to guide them through colour selections and features that will bring their personality into their new home.

open plan living of the hamilton display home

Capturing a client’s personality is the essence of creating the perfectly designed interior that will make sure you always feel at “home”. Interior design by Rachel Maree.

Rachel Maree has over 15 years of industry experience and comes from a creative family of builders, designers and property developers. As such, she has been challenged to express her creativity from an early age, constantly honing her skills through a variety of positions. As lead interior designer for Express Two Storey Living, Rachel combines her passion for design with her wealth of talent and experience to deliver exceptional interiors for each of our stunning display homes.

Each client who signs up to build with Express Two Storey Living will receive an hour long consultation with Rachel Maree Design, offering expert interior design advice in the form of three simple steps.

Step 1- Consultation

The initial consultation is focused on gathering information to determine styles and tastes. Clients bring in inspirations from Pinterest, interior design magazines or photographs to effectively communicate their unique personality and style.

Step- 2 – Discovery

Based on the information from the consultation, Rachel Maree works with the client to define their individual interior design personality.

Step 3- Presentation of the Express Two Storey Look Book

The Look Book features an artistic external render of your new home, as well as images and selections Rachel has chosen to provide you with inspiration for your new home based on your discussed tastes.

rachel maree at the hamilton display in baldivis

Express’ supremely talented interior designer, Rachel Maree, at work.

Express Two Storey Living aims to provide the best value for our customers, in every area of the home, for now and the future. Express makes building two storey easier for Western Australians and this complimentary interior design consultation is just one more thing that separates us from the rest.

For additional design inspiration, take a look at some of our beautifully designed display homes or try our new home creator online customisation tool.

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